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ALCHEMY 2014 started:

2014-09-18 12:00:00 GMT+01:00

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We are pleased to announce that we now have a 24-hour music license!

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See our latest pre-festival news section.

There are Adult Tickets left, they are £90 on the gate.

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Band Logo - Culture Shock Band Logo - AOS3 Band Logo - The Baghdaddies Band Logo - Head Mix Collective
Band Logo - Babyhead Band Logo - Dub Pistols Band Logo - Serial Killaz Band Logo - RDF
Band Logo - Electric Swing Circus Band Logo - Gypsy Unit Band Logo - Senser Band Logo - P.A.I.N.
Band Logo - Far Too Loud Band Logo - Headjam Band Logo - Lab-4 Band Logo - Laughing Buddha

Tell your friends about Alchemy! Don't be a meanie and keep it to yourselves!
Help us spread the word through the social websites especially with the 24 hour music and the Thursday opening.

Don't forget - a Thursday ticket will give you the pick of camping/live-in site!

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